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  • Laminated Glass
    Laminated Glass

    Nobler laminated glass is considered safety glass, comprised two or more pieces of top quality glass, bonded together with clear or colored PVB interlayer under heat and pressure.

  • Tempered Glass
    Tempered Glass

    Nobler tempered glass(Toughened Glass), is produced by float glass in a tempering oven. The furnace heats the glass to a temperature around 620℃,

  • Insulated Glass
    Insulated Glass

    Nobler Insulated Glass(Insulating Glass or IGU), consists of two or more glass panels, which separated by a spacer and sealed around the edges by butyl glue,sulfur glue or structural sealant.

  • LOW-E Glass
    LOW-E Glass

    Nobler LOW-E Glass(Low Emissivity Glass), is the energy-efficient glass which is coated with one or more layers of metallic oxides and other compounds.

  • Heat Soaked Glass
    Heat Soaked Glass

    Nobler Heat Soak Glass is manufactured by heat soaking process. After installation, without any apparent cause, tempered glass is broken,

  • Hot Bent Glass
    Hot Bent Glass

    Nobler Hot Bent Glass, is curved glass. High quality glass is heated to the glass softening point on mental mould, under its gravity and outside force,

  • Curved Tempered Glass
    Curved Tempered Glass

    Nobler Curved Tempered Glass, also called curved safety glass. The manufacture process of curved tempered glass is similar with tempered glass.

  • Louver Glass
    Louver Glass

    Nobler Louver Glass is produced by cutting the glass into required size and polishing or grinding the two long edges.

  • Hurricane Resistant Glass
    Hurricane Resistant Glass

    Nobler Hurricane Resistant Glass is a kind of safety glass, also called impact-resistant glass or storm-proof glass.

  • Fire Resistant Glass
    Fire Resistant Glass

    Nobler Fire resistant glass, also called fire rated glass. Same as PYRAN PLATINUM from SCHOTT in Germany, we have developed and produced the single piece fire-proof glass.

  • Silver Mirror
    Silver Mirror

    Nobler Silver Mirror is producing by coating a silver film and a copper film, and two layers of waterproof paint on the back surface of float glass,

  • Aluminum Mirror
    Aluminum Mirror

    Nobler Aluminum Mirror is produced by the most advanced horizontal production line. The aluminum atoms splash and deposit on the float glass surface in vacuum chamber,

  • Safety Mirror
    Safety Mirror

    Nobler safety mirror is manufactured by covering and pasting with CATI(Vinyl film-smooth film) or CATⅡ(Woven film).

  • Copper Free Mirror
    Copper Free Mirror

    Nobler Copper Free mirror(also called copper and lead free mirror, or eco-friendly mirror), are made with a copper-free solution as well as lead-free solution, it’s new generation of mirror.

  • Acid Etched Glass
    Acid Etched Glass

    Nobler Acid Etched Glass(Anti-fingerprint Glass), also called opaque glass, is produced with hydrofluoric acid on the float glass, to provide a smooth and stain-like decorative surface,

  • Painted Glass/Lacquered Glass
    Painted Glass/Lacquered Glass

    Nobler painted glass, also called lacquered glass, is manufactured by top quality float glass, through depositing a highly durable and resistant lacquer onto the smooth glass surface,

  • Patterned Glass
    Patterned Glass

    Nobler Patterned Glass(also called rolled glass, textured glass, figured glass), is manufactured by a special pressing technology.

  • Ceramic Fritted Glass
    Ceramic Fritted Glass

    Nobler Ceramic Fritted Glass, by applying the ceramic frit paint on the washed glass surface, with a certain glazing method, the glass enamel fixed on the surface permanently.

  • Silk Screen Glass
    Silk Screen Glass

    Nobler Silk Screen glass, also called silk screen printing glass, is a kind of decorative glass. The ceramic ink is fried on the glass surface by screen mesh with high temperature in tempering process, bring the exceptional durability.

  • Digital Printing Glass
    Digital Printing Glass

    Digital printing glass is produced with the most advanced technology to heat ceramic ink onto glass surface during the toughening process.

  • Clear Float Glass
    Clear Float Glass

    Nobler Clear Float Glass is manufactured by high quality silica sand, soda ash,limestone and other materials.

  • Ultra Clear Float Glass
    Ultra Clear Float Glass

    Nobler Ultra Clear Float, also called low-iron float glass, and extra clear float glass. It is manufactured with high quality raw materials and by reducing the iron content.

  • Reflective Glass
    Reflective Glass

    Nobler Reflective Glass have a mirror-like and one-way mirror appearance. During the float process, one or more layers of metal coatings are applied to the hot glass surface, which is called hard coating.

  • Tinted Glass
    Tinted Glass

    Nobler tinted glass is manufactured by float process.Without sacrificing glass strength, just adding mental oxides at the melting stage, to make the normal float glass colored.