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  • Acid Etched Glass
    Acid Etched Glass

    Nobler Acid Etched Glass(Anti-fingerprint Glass), also called opaque glass, is produced with hydrofluoric acid on the float glass, to provide a smooth and stain-like decorative surface,

  • Painted Glass/Lacquered Glass
    Painted Glass/Lacquered Glass

    Nobler painted glass, also called lacquered glass, is manufactured by top quality float glass, through depositing a highly durable and resistant lacquer onto the smooth glass surface,

  • Patterned Glass
    Patterned Glass

    Nobler Patterned Glass(also called rolled glass, textured glass, figured glass), is manufactured by a special pressing technology.

  • Ceramic Fritted Glass
    Ceramic Fritted Glass

    Nobler Ceramic Fritted Glass, by applying the ceramic frit paint on the washed glass surface, with a certain glazing method, the glass enamel fixed on the surface permanently.

  • Silk Screen Glass
    Silk Screen Glass

    Nobler Silk Screen glass, also called silk screen printing glass, is a kind of decorative glass. The ceramic ink is fried on the glass surface by screen mesh with high temperature in tempering process, bring the exceptional durability.

  • Digital Printing Glass
    Digital Printing Glass

    Digital printing glass is produced with the most advanced technology to heat ceramic ink onto glass surface during the toughening process.