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  • Clear Float Glass
    Clear Float Glass

    Nobler Clear Float Glass is manufactured by high quality silica sand, soda ash,limestone and other materials.

  • Ultra Clear Float Glass
    Ultra Clear Float Glass

    Nobler Ultra Clear Float, also called low-iron float glass, and extra clear float glass. It is manufactured with high quality raw materials and by reducing the iron content.

  • Reflective Glass
    Reflective Glass

    Nobler Reflective Glass have a mirror-like and one-way mirror appearance. During the float process, one or more layers of metal coatings are applied to the hot glass surface, which is called hard coating.

  • Tinted Glass
    Tinted Glass

    Nobler tinted glass is manufactured by float process.Without sacrificing glass strength, just adding mental oxides at the melting stage, to make the normal float glass colored.