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1 Excellent solar control performance. Reflective glass can reduce the heat gain in the building, and reflect a large number solar radiation, bring a comfortable temperature in the room.

2 Good visibility and privacy performance. Reflective glass have one-way mirror appearance, which allow you to look through the glass from one side, but couldn’t from the another side.

3 Superior energy conservation. Reflective glass can reflect heat, then the building take less energy cost to maintain the interior suitable temperature, which reduce your energy bills.

4 More aesthetically appealing for the building.Reflective glass is benefit to architectural aesthetics, without sacrificing it’s basic excellent performance.

5 Easily to be cut, drilled, insulated, tempered and other deep processing. 



China reflective glass, is widely used in many applications, especially the places where need less solar heat and good sun control performance, for example,

Windows and doors, curtain walls, commercial buildings, industrial building, apartment blocks, facades, stairways, table tops and so on.



Glass color: Bronze/Dark Bronze/Euro Grey/Dark Grey/French Green/Dark Green/Ocean Blue/Ford Blue/Dark Blue/Pink,etc

Glass Thickness: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/19mm,etc

Glass Size:2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm/3300mm×2250mm/3300mm×2440mm/3660mm×2140mm,etc

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