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1 Abundant patterns. More than fifty different patterns are available, meet different patterns requirements from designers, to make the work unique and distinctive.

2 Control light in a space, reducing light pollution. The patterns could diffuse light in different directions, then reduce light pollution and maintain friendly.

3 Ensure high privacy. The production process make the glass from transparent to translucent with patterns, bring high privacy performance.

4 Easy maintenance.




Nobler patterned glass is widely used in decoration application, it is ideal for

Windows and doors, bathrooms, cabinets, furniture

Glass partitions, glass shelves, frameless showers

Shower screen, office screens, office partitions,etc.




Glass Thickness:3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm,etc

Glass Size:1830mm×1220mm/2134mm×1524mm/2200mm×1900mm/ 2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm,etc

Glass Color: Clear/Ultra Clear/Bronze/Grey/Green/Amber,etc

Patterns:Nashiji/Mistlite/Diamond/Flora/Karatachi/Map/Bamboo/Chinchilla/Crystal/Hishicross/Kasumi/May flower/Millennium/Morgon/Puzzle/Rain/Woven/Moru/Oceanic,etc.

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