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1 Excellent decoration function. Hundreds colors could be used in ceramic fritted glass, to creat more innovative building and eye-catching projects.

2 Superior stable performance. The glaze coated is applied on the glass surface permanently, couldn’t be easy to fade. It’s alkali resistance and acid resistance is superior.

3 Outstanding safety performance. The ceramic fritted glass is tempered or heat strengthened, to make the permanent coating on glass surface. So ceramic fritted glass have the safety performance as tempered glass.

4 Easy maintenance. The ceramic fritted glass couldn’t be affected by oil, chemicals, moisture and others. Easy to clean.




Ceramic fritted glass is the ideal for interior decoration applications, and is widely used in exterior building walls.

Windows, facade walls, curtain walls, bathrooms, exhibition stands

Glass doors, partitions, shower enclosures, home appliances

Handrails, glass ceilings, furniture,cabinets, building ceiling,etc.



Glass Thickness: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm,etc

Glass size: According request, Maximum size could reach to 5800mm×2500mm

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