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1 Good safety performance. Nobler tempered glass have good safety performance. Once broken, tempered glass could shatter into jagged shards, and fracture into small harmless pieces(also called glass rain), which is harmless to humans.

2 Superior impact resistance. Nobler tempered glass have 4~5 times greater impact resistance than normal float glass. No matter chemical tempering pr physical tempering, both way improved the strength of glass.

3 Excellent thermal stability. Nobler tempered glass have stronger resistance to thermal breakage than ordinary glass. It can withstand temperature changes up to 260℃~330℃

4 High bending strength. Nobler tempered glass have high bending strength than annealed glass or heat strengthen glass.




With good safety performance, superior impact resistance, and excellent thermal stability. China tempered glass is widely used in the followed fields,

Windows, doors, curtain walls and storefronts, skylights

Partitions, shower enclosures, balustrades, shopfronts and tub enclosures

Furniture, table-tops, microwave,ovens,etc



Glass type: Annealed Glass, float glass, patterned glass, LOW-E glass, etc

Glass Color: Clear/Extra Clear/Bronze/Blue/Green/Grey, etc

Glass Thickness: 3mm/3.2mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/19mm,etc

Size: According request

Maximum size:12000mm×3300mm

Minimum size: 300mm×100mm

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