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1 Excellent aesthetics performance. Hot bent glass have different shape according the request. Cone shape glass, cylinder shape glass, “S”shape, “Z” shape, “U” shape, and other irregular shape can be produced. This enrich the glass application in different environment, have excellent aesthetics performance.

2 Suitable in construction and civilian market. In construction, when used properly in structural application, curved glass can help to save the cost. When used in civilian market, hot bent glass is beautiful with special appearance, like the aquariums, enhance the beauty in the room.

3 Better wind pressure resistance. The curved glass have better wind pressure resistance than other kind of glass.




China hot bent glass is more flexible and is widely used in different field. It’s unlimited shape could make it used in aquariums, cylinder glass in museum, cone glass for special requirements, and furniture glass. Curved glass also used as shower door, fencing glass, dining table glass, balconies glass, cosmetic counters glass. In construction field, curved glass is used in curtain wall, skylight and other aesthetics architectures.



Glass Thickness: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm,etc

Glass size: According request, Maximum size could reach to 8000mm×3660mm

Glass shape:Cylinder, Cone, “S”, “Z”, “U” and other irregular shape according request.

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