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1 Superior Security performance. Hurricane resistant glass could resist the impact in extreme weather effectively. In the storm, if the glass broken and the wind and rain entered the building, will cause suddenly pressure changes, the roofs may be blew off and walls to collapse. But hurricane resistant glass could keep the windows and doors in intact, protect the building well.

2 Lower deformation degree of glass. Because of the stronger polymer layer between glass panels, it could lower the glass deformation degree, have higher impact-resistant performance.

3 Good sound insulation performance. Hurricane resistant glass could help to reduce the outside noise, making the home more comfortable.

4 Resist ultraviolet rays. Hurricane resistant glass could block 99% UV rays to protect interior.

5 Help to reduce the insurance cost. The hurricane resistant glass not only help to protect in the extreme weather, but also keeping the outsiders from entering your room without permit, reducing the home burglaries.




China hurricane resistant glass is widely used in the high-risk coastal areas, to protect the building. Such as curtain walls, ceilings, glass railings, balustrade, handrails, windows and doors, glass floor, glass stairs and so on.



Glass thickness:5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/19mm/22mm/25mm,etc

Interlayer type: PVB/SGP

PVB thickness:0.38mm/0.76mm/1.14mm/1.52mm/1.90mm/2.28mm/3.80mm.etc

SGP thickness:0.89mm/1.52mm/2.28mm/3.04mm,etc

Size:According request, Maximum size is 12000mm×3300mm

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