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How to maintain the smart switchable glass?

Mar 25, 2021

The smart switchable glass have excellent appearance and high practicability. But it is obvious once it is dirty, followed we will talk about how to maintain the smart switchable glass. Please note: Before installation, please make the seal treatment well of silicone sealant, avoid the permeation of the acid.

1 Don’t collide the glass surface normally, to avoid the scratches on the surface, please cover with table cloth. Especially put things on the glass furniture, please handle with care.

2 For the normal cleanness,please clean with wet towel or newspaper. If there is dirty, use the towel with little beer or warm vinegar to clean, or use the glass cleaners in the market. Avoid the solution with with superior acid.

3 The wet cloth with the detergent could also make the glass clean which is with oil stain.

4 Make the glass far away from the kitchen. Avoid the moist, Isolated the glass from acid, soda, to prevent the erosion.

5 Install the glass at a fixed place, don’t move it at will, avoid the glass furniture fall down.

6 The smart switchable glass with patterns are dirty, could use the toothbrush with detergent, to clean the glass along with the patterns. By this way, the glass is clean and bright.