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What is the characteristic of smart switchable glass?

Mar 22, 2021

With the development of social economy, people’s living standard continues to improve, the requirement of furniture in architecture also rose obviously. Then the demand of smart switchable glass is very large, and the application of smart switchable glass is very wide. In the past, the smart switchable glass mainly used in nobler architecture. But now, more and more smart switchable glass entered into average family. What is the characteristic of smart switchable glass?


1 High efficiency of dimming performance

It is adjustable of shading coefficient for smart switchable glass.With condition changes, the glass could change between clear and opaque situation, then ensure the indoor temperature. At Summer, could avoid the direct sunlight. At opaque situation, could reflect most harmful rays. At Winter, it could keep warm and avoid the indoor heat loss.


2 Effectively saving energy

The windows and door with single sheet glass, the heat loss is very fast, the consumption of energy is large, waste much cost. But with smart switchable glass, it could rise the indoor temperature, reduce the cost of heating and refrigeration, then reduce the cost of energy. The thermal insulation of smart switchable glass is obvious than single sheet glass. The saving energy performance means that, reduced the consumption of coal to get electric power, and reduce the carbon emission, could protect the environment.


3 Superior comfortable performance

The conductive film of smart switchable glass could adjust the transmittance of light, let people fell warm in the room. It is different from the normal glass, the smart switchable glass itself could bring the comfortable and soft feeling to humans, while the ordinary glass bring the cold feeling. At the same time, the sound insulation performance of smart switchable glass is also superior, bring people peaceful and comfortable feelings.


Some smart switchable glass use the design principle of insulated glass, could resist the noise from outdoor, then could resist the moisture if used in the nobler architecture. In addition, the advanced technology for smart switchable glass made the glass very hard, this improved the safety coefficient largely, then could used this kind of glass without any anxious.