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How to tell if glass is tempered?

Jun 09, 2021

How to tell if glass is tempered?


Tempered glass is more and more popular With itssuperior impact resistance and excellent safety performance.But do you know how to tell if glass is tempered? Followed aspects could be the options.


First, once broken, tempered glass would shatter into jagged shards, which is harmless to people. But normal glass would break into sharp angles, which is dangerous.


Second, using Polarizer to check is the professional method. If there is color fringe from the glass edges, and black and white spot from the glass surface, then it is tempered glass. Otherwise it is normal glass.


Third, after tempered, the glass flatness is not good as normal glass, usually have wavilness appearance. We could check the reflected objects by glass, if there is wave pattern, same as distorting mirror, then it is tempered glass.


For tempered glass, there is also weak point, that is the four angles. If the angles hit the hard objects, the tempered glass is easily broken. So please take great care when move the tempered glass.