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Why glass go mouldy?

May 17, 2021

For the smooth glass, do you know it will go mouldy like food and wood? In fact, if there is no maintain or keep it carefully, the glass would go mouldy. This not only affected the aesthetis, but also have infulence on the glass perofrmance. Especially for the high building, there would have safety problem.


Why the glass go mouldy? Normal glass have much NaO and CaO content, when there is much moisture on glass surface, the glass is easily to become damp. This is the majot reason that glass go mouldy.

And temperature is another reason. Higher temperature make the glass go mouldy more quickly.

Third, the raw materials of glass is another reason.Normally the raw materials of Na content, If usded K materials more, the possibility that glass go mouldy is higher.


This is the three major reason for glass go mouldy.