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1 Extremely high security.Nobler laminated glass largely remain intact when glass broken, which could provide protection against injury.

2 Stronger resistance. Especially the heat-strengthened laminated glass and tempered laminated glass, could highly strengthen the impact resistance and heat resistance.

3 Excellent sound insulation. Nobler laminated glass have acoustic damping properties. Especially the glass with sound-proof PVB, is an effective absorber of noise.

4 Superior ultraviolet(UV)-proof. The PVB film could absorb more than 99% UV rays. This can protect curtains, furniture and others from color fading and aging caused by UV radiation.

5 Energy-saving glass. The PVB interlayer could reduce the solar transmittance and impede and cooling loads.

6 Creat more aesthetic sense. Nobler laminated glass could be produced according different requirements of color, size and shape. Especially the tinted PVB interlayer, meet different demands from architect.




Windows and Doors

Partitions, balustrades,showcases,meeting rooms


Safety glazing against hurricane,etc




Glass Color: Clear/Extra Clear/Bronze/Blue/Green/Grey, etc

PVB Color: Clear/Milk White/Bronze/Blue/Green/Grey/Red/Purple/Yellow,etc

Glass Thickness: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/19mm,etc

PVB thickness:0.38mm/0.76mm/1.14mm/1.52mm/2.25mm, etc

Size: 2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm/3300mm×2250mm/3300mm×2440mm,etc

Maximum size:12000mm×3300mm

Minimum size: 300mm×100mm

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