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Type of LOW-E Glass

1 Online LOW-E glass(hard coated LOW-E Glass), is manufactured during production with a thin metallic oxide layer, effectively welding it to the hot glass surface. This process bring a extremely durable hard coat.

2 Offline LOW-E glass(soft coated LOW-E Glass). The coating is applied to the glass which have been formed. The quality glass enters a vacuum chamber which is full of inert gas. In the vacuum chamber, the metal molecules sputter on the glass surface, formed soft-coat.

There are single silver LOW-E glass, double silver LOW-E glass and triple silver LOW-E glass. All have many layers on the glass surface, inside the silver layer plays an important role on the performance.



1 Superior efficiency in energy saving. LOW-E Glass helps to reduce heat gain or loss, have an excellent energy-saving performance.

2 Excellent thermal performance. Compared to normal glass, LOW-E glass could reduce the heat around 30% which is conducted through glass. For double glazed windows, with LOW--E coating and proper frame, compared to 3mm standard glass, it can stop up to 70% heat loss and 77% of heat gain.

3 Good optical performance.LOW-E glass have high transparent to visible light, could avoid the glare problems and light pollution, which caused by the reflection.

4 Achieve a desired comfortable house. LOW-E glass can reach the required technique parameters, such as required SHGC(solar heat gain coefficient),U-Value, and visible light transmittance, bring a comfortable room.



With more and more people pay attention to the energy conservation and enviromental protection, LOW-E glass will be widely used in construction, windows and doors, curtain walls and facades, skylights and so on.



Glass Thickness: 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm,etc

Glass Colors: Clear/Ultra Clear/Blue/Green,etc

Glass Size:2440mm×1830mm/3300mm×2140mm/3300mm×2250mm/3300mm×2440mm,etc

Type of LOW-E Glass: Offline soft LOW-E/Online hard coating LOW-E/Single silver LOW-E glass/Double silver LOW-E Glass/Triple silver LOW-E glass

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